A Nix Cowboy ARC Review : Rocky Mountain Angel by Vivian Arend (5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Gabe Coleman has worked his fingers to the bone to help run the family ranch, even in the face of severe adversity from his nasty Father. Now the ranch is now longer making money, hindered by his Fathers inability to change with the times and bring some much needed innovation to the ranch. When Allison reappears in his life after more than a year, it’s with an offer he simply can’t refuse; she’ll help him bring in the much needed changes for free and make sure his ranch is used to stock a local restaurant. There is only one thing she needs in return; she needs him to pretend to be her fiancée so she has a reason to be back in the area to care for her very stubborn mother. Can’t be too difficult right? Finding out her mother was sick was one of the worst days of Allison’s life but having to scheme to be near her is damned difficult in itself. For her ruse to work, every... Keep Reading »