A Nix Contemporary Review - Virgin Territory by Cari Quinn (5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Vincent is an office man by day and a Romance writer by night. His reputation is that of a complete man-slut, but the reality is there is only one woman who currently holds his attention. He frequents the local gas-station almost every night to clock eyes on the object of his affections; Kiki Wyatt. He’s tried almost everything to get her attention; he flirts, he looks his best, he buys ridiculous amount of condoms….nothing seems to faze her! When writers block leaves him staring at his computer screen for nights on end, he can only conclude that his sexual dry spell is leaving him bereft of inspiration. Can he finally convince the feisty cashier to let him have his wicked way with her? Kiki hates her job at the Gas and Gulp. The only highlight is the brief glimpse of the handsome Vincent on her shifts. The man is gorgeous, but unfortunately he falls directly into the look but don’t touch category. His reputation precedes him and Kiki is not... Keep Reading »