A Nix Contemporary Review - Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor (3.75 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Dulcie was left a legacy to protect when her mother died of cancer. The chocolate shop she was brought up in was a massive part of her mother’s life and it is now up to Dulcie to keep it thriving. On the one occasion that Dulcie decided to try to branch out from her Mothers recipe book, she was humiliated in front of a panel of her peers. Afraid to take any more risks, she sticks to the same chocolates, watching in despair as her business declines. When the invitation to the next Chocolateers competition arrives in the post, it’s clear she has to come up with something original or risk losing it all forever. Across town, Nick helps manage his father’s chocolate shop that’s in the same town as Dulcie. He hates his job, seeing the busy kitchens from his childhood memories replaced by giant machines and automation. His true passion is cupcakes, but his Father believes too much in the family business for him to even try to... Keep Reading »