A Nix ARC review and Giveaway Post : The Whored's Prayer by Lucy V.Morgan (4 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Ever since she got involved with Joseph Merchant, Leila’s life has dramatically altered. She has become his personal prostitute after his discovery of her side job as Charlotte the prostitute and has spent months enjoying debauched sex with the Chairman of the Whored himself. Since her break-up with Matt, Joseph has been less discrete about their affair, showing her off to his oldest friends and work-colleges with a devil-may-care attitude that is at odds with the reality of the situation. No one must know what Leila is, what she does when she lets Charlotte out to play, but Joseph seems to be treating her as more of a lover than a whore, drawing unwelcome attention to their relationship. There are two jobs left on her contract as Josephs personal sex slave, the first being her exclusive service during their trip to New York. But as the week progresses, their darker sides come out to play, fusing them together in a way they never imagined. In the midst of all the... Keep Reading »