A Nix ARC PNR review - Wolf Line by Vivian Arend (5 STARS) - Scorching Book Reviews
The wolfies are back!! Vivian Arend takes us back to the Granite Lake pack and this time it is Jared’s turn. Jared is the playboy of the pack; he has only a few rules when it comes to chasing potential bed mates and is well known to hop around. When the older brothers of his last bed mate take exception to his dalliance with their baby sister, he takes refuge on the Wolf Cruise Liner as it’s docked ready for its new journey. Problem is, he gets on just as it’s about to leave. Keri is has promised her best friend that she will help her run her first cruise. However, when a last minute addition joins the ship, she is pretty sure he is her mate. How can she possibly concentrate on her duties when her wolf is clawing at her skin, urging her to chase down her mate? Somehow, he doesn’t seem to be as bothered by her presence as she is his, but she can’t deny her... Keep Reading »