When Cathy met Ken: Revisiting Cathy Come Home in Brexit Britain
The other night I watched Ken Loach meet Cathy - or rather the young actress Elle Payne, playing Cathy in a Cardboard Citizens' staging of his 1966 landmark TV play Cathy Come Home. The production featured many actors with experience of homelessness. It was deeply moving and beautiful to watch. 50 years on lines from the play jumped out at you in post-EU referendum Britain -- angry people blaming immigrants for their housing problems. Locals burning down the caravans of the undesirables camped nearby. Never have so many people experienced such existential feelings about their nation. Which Britain is real? The one that muddles through and gets along and loves a curry and a cappuccino? Or The one where adults push notes about "vermin" through neighbours' letterboxes and children threaten their classmates with deportation? Leave voters complained to BBC News in their droves that THEY weren't racist and didn't want to discuss those who were. And more and more I wonder, as a