What happened, pop pickers? Teenagers & radio
The decline of the teenage radio listener is not unique to Radio 1. I wrote this piece about the demographic challenge for The Guardian this week. One of my key sources in researching the piece was Will Page, chief economist at PRS for Music, which represents songwriters, composers and publishers. He's been researching the changing consumption of pop music and put me onto this American response, below. As well as young people turning to free Internet streamed music, such as Spotify (70 such legal sites in the very keen UK market alone), a key factor is how the demarcations between different age groups have broken down. The BBC claims to reach nearly half the 15 to 24 year old demographic through Radio 1. They're the target. But is it their job to stop older people listening to it as well? 50 years ago your parents did not do the equivalent of trying to get you into the Beatles or The Clash, or take you to Glastonbury or Latitude. Nor would they sing along to Bruno Mars with you on the