Two Gentlemen Sharing: Swinging London's "race" picture
The films of Swinging London have been pored over and cherished ever since the 1960s. Which made Saturday's rare BFI Southbank screening for Two Gentlemen Sharing with a Q&A with director and the two leading ladies all the more intriguing. There's another to come on Sept 23rd. Based on a novel by David Stuart Leslie about a white ad man sharing his Knightsbridge flat with a Jamaican lawyer - both Oxford-educated - the screenplay was written by Jamaican born writer & Joseph Losey collaborator Evan Jones whose 60s film credits include Modesty Blaise and Funeral In Berlin. Evans' own experience as an Eng Lit graduate from Wadham, Oxford, is directly given to Hal Frederick's Andrew McKenzie. The film is sumptuous to look at. London locations around Knightsbridge, Hyde Park and Notting Hill fizz with energy and action shot amid real people. The girls delight in the height of 60s fashion: brightly coloured suede jackets and mini dresses with giant false lashes and "daisy" eye