The truth about true crime: A crime reporter's qualms about Serial
I've reported on violent crime for 25 years including the OJ Simpson case. I consider it a privilege to cover trials. Strip away the glamour of celebrity and a very large proportion, such as the OJ Simpson case, are about domestic violence. And I've never understood why so many people love to watch it as fiction.The prosecutor in the case of Adnan Syed recently said it was a classic domestic violence murder too. Unsettled by the championing of the NPR podcast Serial by the very highbrow cultural critics who often sneer at ordinary crime on the news I chaired a discussion on Front Row with crime journalist turned novelist Laura Lippman & Panorama reporter John Sweeney , and wrote this column for The Big Issue magazine. I have a little BBC News app on my mobile phone. It sends an alert when something big has happened. It doesn't ping me all day. But if I've been asleep, or in a meeting, or watching a film with my family, when I choose to look I am reliably told if something big has