The story behind How I Found My Voice
The podcast is the idea of Intelligence Squared's Matt McAllester and was developed by producer Farah Jassat - one of the brightest young talents in broadcasting - who recently joined Intelligence Squared after several years at the BBC as a production trainee and producer in current affairs and culture notably on BBC2's Newsnight. Intelligence Squared is well known in the US and Canada as well as the UK for its live discussions and debates around culture and politics. Both Farah and I have always enjoyed that intersection of politics, culture and news. I believe in thorough research, listening, and digging around behind the obvious to find out something new. And it was delightful to be approached by Intelligence Squared as the perfect match to host it, so here's a podcast devoted to how we all like to approach the world. Listen via ACAST or SPOTIFY or iTUNES . And rating and recommending it would be great. Producer Farah Jassat with Philip Pullman recording How I Found my Voice in