The Truth About The Jam Generation (80s remix)
Since David Cameron claimed class war anthem "Eton Rifles" as one his Desert Island Discs, many political journalists seem to have bought the argument that they are "The Jam Generation"; the subject of a recent Radio 4 series. It seemed a good time re-post my piece for The Spectator arts blog writtten after they came to power last year about the cultural deadzone of the mid 80s. I should know. I was there. They say your musical and cultural tastes are frozen by the time you're in your early twenties. So what does it say for much of the new government that they hit that seminal moment in the mid-to-late 80s? The first thing you need to do is forget all their suspicious Estuary English and Tony Blair and David Cameron's 'you know' blokeisms; and most of all, forget Dave's choice of 'Eton Rifles' on Desert Island Discs. This was the era of Red Wedge and 'Lady In Red'. 'Oxford Blues' inflicted Rob Lowe and a posse of poshies led by Julian Sands on our cinemas. As someone who happened to