The poison that is destroying civility and how to fight it
'How did you get into first class? You don't deserve to be in first class. 'You should be in common class. In fact, you shouldn't be in this country at all. 'You don't deserve to be here. Bloody foreigners. Where were you even born?' The words of Alexander Mackinnon, a 47-year-old, public school-educated solicitor hurled at a Scottish woman, who happens to be of Asian descent, Sanaa Shahid and her 4 year old son on a train. Shahid calmly challenged his behaviour, called a member of train staff to witness what was going on and filmed the ongoing verbal abuse on her mobile phone. Thanks to her, MacKinnon was arrested and fined this month, after admitting racially aggravated offences. But, as Shahid, said, 'There were another 10 to 12 passengers in the carriage and not one of them spoke up. That was shocking too." MacKinnon had been drunk at the time, which we all know lifts inhibitions. But as official police figures from England Wales confirmed a 41% spike in reported hate crimes in