The making of Do Pass Go: boardgames in the internet age
Do Pass Go my BBC Radio 4 documentary, airing on Friday April 14th 2017, has its origins in a piece I wrote about the Libyan dictator General Gadaffi playing chess on TV in the run up to his toppling, and in my bemusement about the global success of Settlers of Catan. I had built up a big collection of old boardgames from my own youth and was intrigued by the new generation of youthful players that were spawning board gaming cafes and carving out their own terrain separate to online or video games. This post features some of the many amazing designers and players we didn't always have time for in the final edit. Thanks to everyone who made the time to talk to us. All photos copyright Samira Ahmed. No re-use without permission If you're ever wondered why the city of Essen features on so many game board maps, such as Pandemic and Ticket To Ride, that's because it and Germany remain the heart of the boardgaming world. Producer Michael Surcombe and I started our journey in Essen at Spiel