Serial killer stories: From Burke and Hare to Tales Of The Grim Sleeper
It was late, I was tired and I needed cheering up and I found this great comedy on TV that I'd never seen before which did just the job. Burke and Hare, directed by John Landis in 2010 and starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, is a rollicking love song to Edinburgh's architecture, its Gothic medical pioneering past , its lowlife and its ghosts. But crucially it's a fantasy black comedy about a real life pair of murderers who killed vulnerable people to supply fresh cadavers to a renowned surgeon who asked no questions but paid well. While I grimaced with the joy of a horror movie fan at the old fashioned physical special effects that created worm ridden corpses and snapped rigor mortis hardened bodies to fit herring barrels, most critics it seems turned away with distaste. Was there something fundamentally, morally unacceptable about making a screwball comedy about such men? The question was on my mind the next day when I interviewed Nick Broomfield about his new film Tales Of The Grim