People at work: Richard III & the 60s Town Planner
This piece connected the Richard III exhumation to Leicester's repentence for sins against its medieval past. Thought it worth reposting as the High Court ruled in favour of a "dignified" burial in the city. Full details and judgement here. Maybe you used to associate Leicester mainly with Joe Orton and the fetishistic possibilities of its hosiery and footwear industrial past. Oh, and the best Diwali celebrations outside of India, of course. But not any more. When archaeologists at Leicester University identified the remains of Richard III they did more than solve a great historical mystery and draw attention to the importance and excitement of archaeology, to the value of diligent study and the achievements of their own institution. It is a key part of the narrative that Richard III was found under a car park. For when his remains of a medieval monarch were respectfully uncovered and his reputation restored from the Tudor bias of Shakespeare's version, Leicester, which had been only