On The Road with Buddha: The Prince Who Walked Out of His Fairy Tale
UPDATED SEPT 2 What happens when a prince walks away from his kingdom? I love the symbolism and and dream like metaphors of fairy stories. So a "real life" one is all the more intriguing. I'd been fascinated with the story of Siddartha, the prince who became the Buddha. Especially as the faith he founded could be seen not to be a faith. Was it about God or not? Why did it lose its power in India; the country of its birth? And what to make of all those images of him? In the early years Buddha was represented by symbols -- a foot print, a wheel, or the tree under which he attained enlightenment. The statues could seem to be idols to a saint, or even a god, especially when covered with gold. So with producer Anthony Denselow, with whom I'd made the Something Understood about Transience, I decided it was time to look at the man behind the figure. Siddhartha was a real person; born in what's now Nepal the sixth century BC. Hindu astrologers predicted he would be a great emperor or a