My secret playground in the Bush House Hindi section
News that the BBC is closing the shortwave service of the Hindi section to India has a special relevance for me. This is not a post about the decision. The service will continue to be available on FM and via other digital means. My mother, Lalita Ahmed, used to freelance for the Hindi Section. She read news sometimes but, being a professional performer rather than a journalist, took part mostly in dramas and discussions. And without childcare, throughout the 70s she used to take me, and often my siblings and even friends, along when she had recordings. I must confess, there were long stretches, especially when I was only 5, when I was bored. But there were those fabulously exotic English meals to look forward to in the Bush House canteen when it was all over. Fish and chips and spongy things with custard. But over time it came to mean much more. I grew up completely at home with reel-t0-reel tape machines; sitting with the Studio Managers, watching them rock the reels and edit