Murder, Mirth and Care Bears: The uses of an Oxford English degree
Photo copyright and courtesy of: Ian Fraser at Virtual Archive Writing for news bulletins, writing for standup comedy, writing murders for tv drama, writing for comics and fantasy gaming novels. These were some of the uses to which a group of graduates from my old Oxford College have put our English degrees. This is a write up of a rather fun day we spent talking about it. I was lucky enough to be taught English at St Edmund Hall, Oxford from 1986 to 89 by a triumvirate of remarkable tutors. Two were very close to retirement. Reggie Alton – who as an expert paleographer, was called in to authenticate the suicide notes of Kurt Cobain and Bill Clinton's former White House counsel, Vince Foster. Bruce Mitchell – a world authority on Anglo Saxon, had Bayeux tapestry curtains in the room where we students made painfully slow translations of The Dream of the Rood. But the third was the newly appointed and very young and talented Lucy Newlyn. She's an expert on the Romantic poets and