Missing news: A tale of an NHS rally, zombies and security guards
Should the BBC have given more attention and coverage to a mass protest rally over NHS changes outside Tory party Conference in Manchester on Sept 29th last weekend that attracted over 50,000 marchers? The rally, organised by unions, was mentioned. But like other news programmes on other channels the BBC used a few seconds (16 seconds in fact) of footage of it as wallpaper within the top story about the conference on the main early evening and later bulletins. Should it have been a report in its own right? Especially given the prominence given to a Duck Tour boat fire on the Thames the same day? A significant number of viewers and participants thought so. The BBC received hundreds of complaints about the absence. Labour shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has complained by letter to the BBC Trust. Newswatch will have a flavour of the more than one thousand complaints the Corporation received, and some of the viewers in the studio explaining their concerns. We asked BBC News for an