Marriage, Margaret Thatcher & the closet of female expectations
This article first appeared in The Big Issue. Journalism worth paying for (subscriptions available) For years my mother kept an entire cupboard where she used to save up things for my trousseau; the old fashioned concept of a bride's personal belongings collected to take to her new life. She came back from trips to India with saris – formal silk ones to impress my future in-laws, elegant jewellery to wear to wear to parties, or attend business dinners with my future husband like a good corporate wife. There was even a beautiful velvet lined wooden canteen of Sheffield silver cutlery and I used to look at the Hostess food trolley in the corner of the dining room and wonder if it was destined to be mine. I was fascinated by her single minded believe in this imaginary grown up future me that never became. But then I look at my secret cupboard and I realise I've been doing the same for my teenage daughter, but buying duplicates of my favourite things that I want her to want: Identical