Lessons for Trump and us all from the Ronald Reagan Memorial Library
"I wonder what it's all about, and why We suffer so, when little things go wrong? We make our life a struggle When life should be a song…" We should perhaps we grateful that the teenage Ronald Reagan never grew up to be a full time poet, judging from this extract from "Life" that got published in his college magazine. Though it does suggest that in 1928 jocks like this lively American football player weren't afraid to embrace their gentler side and go fora more Renaissance man profile.It's one of the many gems on display in his presidential library in Simi Valley, north of Los Angeles that makes me wonder at the political cultural gulf between the US and Britain. Of course it's biased. Rupert Murdoch is one of the trustees of the museum charity. But the attempt to put one's career up for public display – a kind of physical combination of eulogy, memoir and public record office (the thousands of documents in the archive all available for scholars and historians) – is a fascinating idea