LBJ and JFK: Assassination & the struggle for power
"The King - the President - is dead. The King has a brother. The brother hates the Vice-President. You have a really Shakespearean struggle for power here." Robert Caro, Lyndon B Johnson's biographer talking to me about the assassination. It seemed timely to re-post this: re-assessing Kennedy's Vice President and successor, based on my BBC R3 interview with Caro and journalist Michael Goldfarb about events around the 1963 assassination in Caro's book The Passage Of Power. You can listen to the discussion here. (It starts 27 minutes 17 sec in). Which US President won an election with the largest ever popular majority? Lyndon Baines Johnson, who took 61% of the vote in 1964. He went from powerful Senate majority leader to powerless and humiliated Vice President to towering statesman in 6 years. This is the story related in Robert Caro's new book on LBJ. The Passage of Power, is the 4th volume in his biography, covering the most remarkable period in his life -- from 1958 to 1964,