Kate's State of the Nation Wedding Dress
I was one of a number of designers and writers asked to contribute a piece on this image of Kate Middleton's wedding dress for the first issue of a new pop culture journal by student Xanthia Hallissey from the London College of Communication. As a woman, rather than a journalist, there's my purely personal view first. I find white wedding dresses intriguing because as a child in an Asian home I had a gut feeling that I would never wear one. In fact I'm sure my decision to take First Holy Communion at Catholic school, was partly because I knew it was my one chance to put it on. The modest simplicity of Kate's dress was fabulous; much classier than either the strapless column that has been the recent vogue (taking no account of one's actual shape) or the frumpy crumpled meringue, as worn by poor teenage bride, Princess Diana. So you get a lesson there straight away in how much more aware and sophisticated Kate is. I noticed that a prominent makeup artist told Radio 4's Midweek that he