Is there a transphobic equivalent to blacking up?
I wrote a piece for the BBC News website today, originally commissioned about the idea of white actors playing black roles, but I wanted to explore further issues Juliet Jacques had touched on when she came on Front Row recently to review the much acclaimed Tangerine. 10 years after Felicity Huffman, a straight woman was Oscar nominated for Transamerica, were we getting closer to the end of "impersonation" or is that unfair on actors? What is authentic when it comes to gender as opposed to race? And what about disability? How does it compare to the Daniel Day Lewis type physical transformation to play disability as in My Left Foot? Eddie Redmayne by coincidence has followed up an Oscar nominated performance as Steven Hawking with The Danish Girl. The Zoolander 2 trailer furore especially prompted me to ask if the Cumberbatch throwaway caricature was an equivalent to old style mocking "blacking up". I haven't written a post answering all those questions, but here is the full