Inside the world of Angels: the secret history of film & TV costumes
The chill hits me and a slight tang of…meat. I've entered the Fur store room at Angels Costumiers. We stand in silence. There are racks of fur coats – like a multiverse of Narnia entry points. Fox stoles are piled high to the ceiling. Tim Angel, the 7th generation boss of a family firm is giving me a guided tour. "A lot of actors refuse to wear fur, of course," he says, "but we feel we have to keep them". And there is the dilemma and fascination for Angels – a family firm since the 1800s which just won a special BAFTA. There is a sense of keeping an essential archive of lived history and documenting changing social taste. But they're also in the "what if?" business and so almost nothing is thrown away. Angels' giant warehouse in North London, is a library of culture like nothing I've ever seen. Think of the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with every treasure not boxed, but on open racks and rails so your eyes are bombarded with imagery. Exotic ethnic costumes from Bond