I sense a disturbance. Everything that's missing from The Last Jedi (some SPOILERS so see it first!!)
The scroll screen could have been written for Ep VII. As if nothing has happened. First rule of sequels: Take the story on. What's the new line? Please hire me to write proper copy in future. Leia is unconscious for half the film. Seriously. She does almost nothing when she's awake either. For a film playing a strong Madame President image in the poster this is the biggest shocker. Gwendoline Christie is BARELY in it. Again. Mas Kanata is in ONE scene by webcam. I actually wanted to see the film she's in. It looks quite exciting. But seriously. WTF. That's all three women over thirty from The Force Awakens barely in it. This film was 2 and a half hours long. Luke milking a giant breasted creature and staring at Rey aggressively while he drinks it was just not healthy. There's some weird unintentionally misogynistic stuff in here. Your two most swashbuckling leading men Finn and Poe Dameron are sidelined from the main action. This is madness. There is a giant Han Solo shaped gap and