How to re-programme your children in 6 easy steps.
I'm of the generation supposed to be blessed with the Golden Age of children's TV (the 70s and early 80s). Fortunate enough to be on the Royal Television Society jury judging Children's TV and TV Drama this year, I was delighted to see some outstanding original programming. Horrible Histories and The Sarah Jane Adventures won Best Children's Programme and Best Children's Drama at the awards on March 15th. It seemed a good point to put up this piece I wrote for @JamesofWalsh's eminent fanzine Hospitalized for Approaching Perfection #2 last year. When I was a sixth former in 1984, there was a girl called Rowena with waist-length plaits, who revealed that her family didn't have a TV at home. She was 17. She was like the Amish kid at school. We felt sorry for her. Flash forward to 2001 and I am raising my own spawn. Thunderbirds is still on TV. My son has a pathological fear of the restaurateur in Fireman Sam. My mother takes me aside one day and expresses her deep concern that my