How should broadcast news journalists interview and talk about extremists?
Over the weekend I spoke to veteran ex BBC journalist Robin Lustig, Berlin correspondent Damien McGuinness for an insight into Germany's media and Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney's 2012 senior strategist for 2 articles I wrote for The Guardian and The Big Issue magazine this week. Space limitations mean a great deal didn't make the final edits. Here are the interviews in full, conducted via email. Obviously a lot has been changing in coverage since the first few days after the Trump election win, but the core issues are the same. My thanks to all three for their time and insight. Robin Lustig Q I've seem anecdotal examples of stories where racist views eg of the Breitbart boss now on Trump'[s team are being described as "populist right" rather than anti-Semitic. In one US paper the "ape in heels" comment about Michelle Obama was today called "allegedly racist". Reporting Nigel Farage's personal insults about Obama as a "creature" without context on BBC News website. Many journalists are