God, & grubby hacks: The view from Fleet Street's Church
All photographs copyright Samira Ahmed. No reuse without permission Step off Fleet Street, opposite the silver and chrome glory of the old Express building and the leaning wooden frame of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub and you're back several hunderd years in time. The churchyard of St Bride's -- one of Sir Christopher Wren's greatest churches -- is a quiet oasis, where you can imagine even Caxton's first medieval press nearby, see the old Bell Inn, one of many famout Fleet Street drinking holes, and stare up at the tiered spire that inspired the first tiered wedding cakes. I was there today to interview David Meara, the outgoing rector of the church for Radio 4's Sunday programme. He has spent 14 years as a pastoral guide to hacks. Physically they are long dispersed from Fleet Street, but who still come back to get married, network at charity events and remember those who've gone. The Journalists' Altar was first set up in the late 1980s when John McCarthy, Brian Keenan and Terry Waite