Code-name Geronimo: Parallels between the Apache hero and Osama Bin Laden
Played out via helmet cam, Hollywood-style still photos released of the Commander-In-Chief, in the Situation Room supervising the kill. For an operation that was reportedly a year in the planning, an elementary understanding of the history of the American West suggests they should have thought more carefully before they code named Bin Laden after the last hero of the Indian Wars. This post first appeared on the Channel 4 News website. It's what you shout when take a dangerous leap; a slogan of US paratroopers during the second world war. But the 19th century Chiricahua Apache hero, whose name it is, was a perhaps questionable choice of code name for Osama Bin Laden; given the numbers of people who do regard him as a hero. His story is laden with symbolic parallels for those who choose to regard Bin Laden as a great warrior. Born Goyahkla (He Who Yawns) in modern New Mexico in 1829, he was given the name Geronimo by Mexican soldiers, who prayed to St Jerome, after seeing him defy