Bye Bye Baby: The Bay City Rollers & the lost innocence of the 70s
Three ageing rockers are holding up big glasses of milk in a toast. There's always something poignant about seeing how teen stars have aged, but the Bay City Rollers really were angelic faced teeny boppers, and I am stung by a feeling of something darker when I see the image all over news websites announcing their (partial) reunion. Pretending they only drank milk was the idea of their manager Tam Paton, who would have it on the table at news conferences. Paton is now regarded as the Jimmy Savile of Scotland for his predatory abuse of vulnerable young boys over decades. Though he served jail time for gross indecency, the scale of his abuse was never confronted. Only after he died in 2009 did it emerge that the NHS had strong evidence putting Paton at the centre of an alleged paedophile ring. It was also Tam Paton's idea that the Rollers always left the top button undone on their trousers. Rock journalist and erstwhile super-fan Caroline Sullivan (author of Bye Bye Baby: My Tragic Love