Big Girls Don't Cry: Lord Rennard, Barbara Castle & women who make a fuss
When the Space Shuttle programme was grounded I wrote this big newspaper feature about how it left a generation, reared on the promise of deep space exploration, on the gantry of broken dreams. It was rather fine, I thought, and so did a lot of readers. But of course someone in the online comments whined that it was wrong to write about it at all when there was poverty and disease and war out there. By this simplistic logic of a news hierarchy, of course, we should currently be reporting on nothing except the crisis of Syria. After all, what's the misery of weeks of flooding in the Somerset Levels compared to the humanitarian crisis there? What's the slashing of benefits? What does it matter if Edward Snowden's whistleblowing has resulted in the US Government being forced to admit to the scale of data that it's probing? So it was interesting to see this argument deployed in the strange mess around fair legal process concerning the Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard and his refusal to apologize