An Adventure in History and Time
I sometimes write and present Something Understood, BBC Radio 4's wonderful space for reflection and ideas around spirituality and belief. When I suggested writing one on Keeping The Past Alive I was thinking about Brandyn Shaw, who's been fascinated by living "in" the 1930s since he was a child. As you can see from the photo he arrived for our interview in beautifully pressed 1930s clothes and correspondent shoes. By fun coincidence the offices of Whistledown Productions feature old 1930s radios and posters for the backdrop. The story of how I found him and of the other ideas in the programme is here on the Radio 4 blog. Listen to the programme Keeping The Past Alive featuring his interview here on i player till July 14th. It includes readings and music from Victor Hugo about Notre Dame Cathedral, Patsy Cline, Don Mclean, Primo Levi, John Agard and Joan Baez.