A Taste Of Honey: 50 years on
I'm an extraordinary person! There's only one of me, like there's only one of you. We're unique! Young! Unrivalled! Smashing! Bloody marvellous!" (Jo and Geoff in A Taste of Honey) "Now? We'd probably have to make it via reality TV." Rita Tushingham and Murray Melvin dive enthusiastically into the idea of looking back at the social and political legacy of their seminal film about troubled youth. Still with their beautiful, natural profiles, you immediately recognise Melvin's poise and Tushingham's girlish face-pulling. They often seem like giggling teenagers, recounting sneaking in to try to watch, as director Tony Richardson viewed the daily rushes, and falling downstairs. "We ran away!" Or recalling the time they were invited to the British Ambassador's residence in Prague, and started impersonating parrots. Tushingham and Melvin photographed at the British Film Institute, London Southbank Nov 1st 2011 (All photos copyright Samira Ahmed) But they can be disapproving grownups, too.