A Smashing Time: Murray Melvin on busting taboos in the 60s
This is one of the most read pieces on my website but the link had stopped working so I've re-posted it here. The interview is still available to listen on the iplayer One to One link just below. For the third of my One to Ones for Radio 4 I wanted a Missing Angle on the golden age of British theatre and cinema -- from the late 50s to the early 70s. You can listen to it here. I'd met Murray Melvin together with Rita Tushingham to talk about the 50th anniversary of their break through performances in A Taste of Honey and was struck by the openness of his sympathetic portrayal, of what was widely regarded as a gay man in the 1961 film version. He won the Cannes Best Actor prize the following year. This was at a time when Rank matinee idols like Dirk Bogarde were very much in the closet, and homosexuality was still very much a criminal offence. As a lifelong fan of 60s British film I was fascinated by Melvin's journey through the cinema of the time. There he was climbing the rigging