A brief encounter with Richard Attenborough & his best friend Bryan Forbes
When the British Film Institute ran a Richard Attenborough retrospective back in the early 2000s, Sir Richard came to introduce every screening. The gesture seemed to capture his enthusiasm, modesty, kindness and warmth for cinema and audiences. At the screening of Seance on a Wet Afternoon he and the film's director, fellow producer/actor Bryan Forbes, walked in together right alongside me with their wives and sat in a row. Richard Attenborough had featured in the best of my many mad pregnancy dreams a few months earlier. (I'd dreamt my waters had broken as my husband and I were walking down a country lane, but Dickie appeared in his Rolls Royce and jumped out and said, "Don't worry luvvie, I'll get you to hospital." He was brilliant.) Obviously none of this ever happened outside of my head, so as we walked in my husband quietly but firmly grabbed my arm and whispered, "You are NOT going to tell him about your dream." In introducing the film Sir Richard paid generous tribute to the