8 Days in Seoul with Images. India's Dream City?
I was nagged by one question throughout my recent holiday to Seoul. Why does South Korea remind me so much of India? But of an India without slums, heavy pollution, child poverty and endemic corruption? This is a personal write up of my trip. There's a full photo gallery of my own pictures at the end, featuring many of the locations. Born to Indian parents in Britain, I've watched India's transformation through my regular visits with fascination and sometimes great sadness. Like Lotte World, the world's largest indoor theme park with European castles and rides through Egyptian tombs, Seoul seemed to me at times like a super improved version of urban India. South Korean firms' attitudes to IP are sometimes just as controversial or disputed (Visible everywhere from the Disney-castle style logo of Lotte World to the current lawsuit launched by Apple against Samsung over its Galaxy phones, with Samsung counter-sueing.) Both countries are proud nations with strong armies, amazing