Soft landscaping - Sage Gardens and Landscapes
Bringing a garden to life is an exciting process and one that I am delighted to be able to offer you. Armed with my extensive knowledge of flowers, shrubs, trees, plants and grasses I will enjoy planning the planting of your garden, be it small or large. A number of factors need to be established before a planting plan can be drawn up. Your garden location will determine the amount of light each area will receive and your soil type can be judged from your existing planting. Most important is the consultation with you, looking at the garden usage , the amount of maintenance you are prepared to do. Your preferred colours and types of plants, all need to be considered. With your input I will draw up a plan for discussion. This will show the first year appearance and a further drawing will show the development of the planting over five years. All plants, shrubs and trees are purchased from a reputable trade source where value and quality are guaranteed. Having said this if you have a plant failure be sure to contact me. When the garden is complete and you are happy with it, we can arrange a maintenance programme.