Visual Sentences & Installation Views | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
Wearing hearing aids is hard work. It is a constant struggle to find someone's voice in the sea of over amplified unrelated sounds. Be patient with me. I'm visual. Everything I missed, and everything "I filled in" to make up for it turns into an image or icon in my mind's eye. This all happens in real time. Outside of a quiet space, I'm trying to decipher the layered distortions of static that fuse together. As I process these experiences I'm attuned to facial expressions, subtle movements of the body and the emotional vibration of energy absorbed from the interaction. I feel that energy, just as easily as I can see it, from many feet away. I'm going to miss half of what you are saying in sound. Ill makeup for it by reading your lips and body language. I prefer to communicate one on one, in quiet spaces. It can't always be this way, and sometimes, almost all the time, I won't show up to the over amplified world of distortions just to fight for comprehension. Please understand that