Reminders & Awareness for the Hearing | Ryan Seslow ART & DESIGN
The spectrum of what it means to be Deaf and Hard of Hearing is extremely vast, diverse and situational. The hearing world needs regular examples, reminders, awareness upgrades and education to get an ongoing understanding. It's not unusual for a Deaf and Hard of Hearing person that usually may wear hearing aids or a cochlear implant to not wear the devices every day. There are many factors that may induce this, but some frequent reasons include variations of irritation from the device(s), straining fatigue from wearing it/them, shrill amplifications of the immediate surroundings, the regular imperfections of the devices not functioning properly and etc.. (insert your own experience). In a lot of cases, many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can't hear anything without them, (like myself) but can communicate and express themselves just fine either way. Awareness of this is helpful as you may have an experience of this nature. Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are not obligated to wear