Long story short: What travelling has taught me
I was away from home for about two years, was not only travelling, but living abroad. It was time full of wonderful discoveries, great moments and priceless experience. I still feel blessed it happened to me. I really missed my country and especially my family. And here I am, on my vacations back home. I realized a lot being here and there, and it's the best I could take from all that experience. 1. Nothing's more important than family. They are the ones you can trust more than anyone in the most important questions. And it's so amazing to go back to your paternal house. 2. Don't be in a hurry going somewhere. Sometimes you need to stop and enjoy the moment, in order not to regret later. 3. Friends will be friends ©. Even after years, lots of life changes true friends will still love and support you. 4. You belong here. You can't just leave the country of your culture, where you grew up and stop belonging there. You'll find so many connections to your motherland that will be difficult