New 7 Wonders of Nature – Iguazu Falls
This story starts exactly half a year ago, the end of January 2016… To open Argentina for myself I decided not from its capital. Capitals are usually typical: historical, you make a plane of must-sees and stay in a hostel somewhere close to the centre of the city. That time I crossed Brazilian-Argentinian border and got my first stamp in Puerto Iguazu city. Later I got the whole collection of them – around 6 from Argentina. It was my first trip in a last row of trips that time (yep, complicated :D ),so I decided to couch-surf. I'm not a real pro in this, but I really wanted to try more. I have to say I was so incredibly lucky! The guy at whose place I stayed for 4 days appeared to be not only a good host but a good friend as well. Ok, let's start with the most important. I went there to see one of New 7 Wonders of Nature – Iguazu Falls. You can see them in Argentina as well as in Brazil, but the views are completely different. In Brazil, you can observe the whole scenery of the Falls,