How it feels to be back to your country
I continue my "coming back to your country" series of posts. Earlier you could have already read my "How it feels to go back to your country", and got an idea how the process of moving goes. UPD: Half a year later. How does it still feel? And with this, I'm opening a new section of my Rush Away Blog about Russia. Currently, I'm here and on my Instagram gallery, you can see photos of Russia and some tips, historical facts, Russian nature. Time passes and I'm finally here, in Russia, already for a week. It was a really shocking week, full of a great time with friends, exploring again my own culture and noticing tones of differences between Russia and Latin America, mainly Colombia. I have a lot to say but will try to be short and specific. Note: here = in Russia, there = in LA. I. Russians. Grumpy Russian people. They barely stop to help. Colombians, bravo! People have arguments with their friends or family members on the street too often, they shout at their kids. It seems they are