Fall 2017: Fall in love
It is a strange weird feeling of sweetness and sadness when summer leaves and it's a fall season. Days are still warm and sunny, while nights require warm sweaters and cozy blankets. My favorite fall season is in Uzbekistan (where I come from). Where the weather is surprisingly comfortable and the color palette on the streets lasts for about 6 weeks. Isn't it perfect to enjoy autumn with no rush? Fortunately, falls in Russia are no less beautiful. Dive into the natural colors of fall 2017 with me. All the photos were taken in September - October 2017 in the European part of Russia. A little bonus tip: How you should dress up during the fall season in Russia. Top: a T-shirt + a sweater + a dawn jacket + a rain coat + a scarf + a cap + gloves. Bottom: leggins + jeans + socks + boots. Enjoy consciously this magic fall time!