Surviving the Election Season with Essential Oils | rOIL Treasures
Everybody is talking about politics...and I'm just over here smelling my essential oils! No matter your political viewpoint, it seems like this election year our nation is more divided than ever and our choice of candidates are quite frankly, disappointing. What are we to do? It has often be said that change occurs slowly, but consistency over time brings results. There is always hope and starting right at home with changes in our own life, being consistent with them, can only light a spark that will spread to others. This can multiply a single person's efforts exponentially and bring about true, life changing results. Today we explore some oil blends whose names themselves are telling of the need in our lives and more importantly in our Nation to keep liberty and freedom alive and well. Use these liberally on you and diffuse around you and let's start the spark in our own individual homes and share the same with others so we can have a positive impact on others. Harmony™ is an exq