York County Apps You Need on Your Phone Now
There's an app for that... As the area grows, so does the technological access residents have. Check out some of these useful apps that come in handy if you like in Rock Hill or York County. 1. Visit York County You don’t have to be an out-of-towner to enjoy the Visit York County app’s features. With topics like Eat, Stay, Play Events, and more, the Visit York County App is an all-around handy app that will inspire locals and visitors alike to get out and explore our community. The app also features updates, news, social media connections, and special offers around town. Pro Tip: Check out the “More” tab to find easily accessible resources like news, contact information, fun facts, and history. 2. SC Works From Geographic Solutions, Inc. comes an app that allows you to search and apply for jobs right from your phone. You can create a profile (or not) and view jobs within the app. The interface is visually friendly, offering a map with descriptive pins of jobs and their locations as well as a legend that describes what industry each color-coded pin is. By clicking on a job, you can immediately see the details and requirements of the selected job so you can quickly decide whether or not you want to apply. Pro Tip: The map leaves something to be desired since it’s squished way at the bottom of the screen and does not expand, but you can click on location tags that have multiple jobs to view them in list form. 3. RHPD Citizen An app to help keep our community safe, the RHPD Citizen is an interactive way to view recent crime information, submit a tip, or commend an officer. The crime map that explains the various types of crime from drugs to vehicle vandalism is interactive and coded with different colors and symbols. One section gives the user the ability to view crime videos of things like break-ins that explain the dates and times in case anyone has any information and can help solve the incident. Becoming an active citizen in crime prevention and tip reporting is made much easier with this app from the RHPD. However, please note this is not an emergency response app and if you experience an emergency, call 911 or your nearest police, fire, or EMS department. Pro Tip: You can enter your zip code to receive emergency notifications in your area. 4. City of Rock Hill The City of Rock Hill is every local’s go-to for everyday needs., All in one app, you can pay bills, place a request, or make inquiries. Reporting or checking local power outages are easy and visually accessible on the outage map where you can get status information or view substations to stay informed. One of the most comprehensive apps for Rock Hill, users can spend a lot of time exploring various aspects of our community. The City Projects tab shows, in detail, road construction projects with expected completion dates and costs. Links to the members of City Council, calendars, and local event news are all right at your fingertips in this all-in-one app. 5. Come-See-Me App Spring is just a click away with the Come-See-Me Festival app! Stay in the know with all of the latest festival information including weather updates, sponsor info, event reminders and much more! The Come-See-Me Festival is the biggest crowd-drawing event in Rock Hill and the events are so numerous, it’s hard to keep track of all the fun things to do. In order to organize your family’s experience, you’ll be able to utilize the schedule and event map and set reminders for your favorite events throughout the festival as well as make notes and add photos to share on social media for a fully immersive experience. There is also a ton of useful information on Festival sponsors. Localism doesn’t just happen at big events, so take note of some of your favorite sponsors and be sure to support them throughout the year! Pro Tip: Instead of endlessly searching local news outlets of social media, just pop onto the app to stay updated on local weather and any possible location changes with the Festival Notifications feature. 6. Historical Markers Nearby With a tagline like “bite-size bits of local, national, and global history”, Historical Markers Nearby does not disappoint. While the app wasn’t created specifically for Rock Hill, we know how important local history and a sense of place can be. It’s also a great resource to use for a regional road trip to visit local places of historical interest. From the mysteriously named “House of Untold Stories” where every brick is a “testament to the enslaved African Americans who once lived on the Bratton Plantation to the site of King Hagler’s murder, historical sites pepper our everyday path. Driving past those silver signs might not mean much to you now, but take a gander at them with this app and head out to those sites that hold the history and fate of local people and places and see how your view of our hometown changes! Did you know? The Historical Marker Database located at is the powerhouse behind the app's information and locations. You can search and read about all the historical markers your heart desires with their database. This article was originally published in Issue 4 of Rock Hill Reader the Magazine. read the rest here. [sibwp_form id=1]