Metaphors for Delights in My Garden
Such a short little touch of whimsy this will be that you may wonder why I am writing it. If nothing more, this encourages others to share their metaphors and similes. Yarrow is an herb which has pleased me for years. Although I do not use it medicinally, I could. I dry the yellow flowers and use in an arrangement with sage. Over thirty years ago, when I was still teaching at the College of William and Mary, I was visiting historical churches, one of my very favorite Sunday-afternoon activities, both then and now. We stopped at Abington Episcopal in Gloucester, County. The two brass containers on the reredos behind the Altar, if my memory serves me, included yarrow and sage. When I look at the yellow blooms, I think of lemon oatmeal cookies growing on a green stem. Nearby is my bed of lavender. After spending time in Southern France where fields and fields of lavender abound, I decided to start my own mini-field. So far, it is happily thriving and its fragrance lulls me to sleep each night. Below these beside the sidewalk, something has surprised Lord Byron and me each morning when we walk. It’s a mushroom I’ve never seen before. You mushroom searchers could easily identify these little ones. I call them our tiny Japanese umbrellas. So here we are. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little touch of whimsy. “Cultivate your garden!” Find your passion, and enjoy. This article was originally submitted by Dr. Martha Benn Macdonald and was published in Issue 6 of Rock Hill Reader the Magazine. Read more here. [sibwp_form id=1]