5 Awesome Things about About Lidl’s in Rock Hill
Lidl is still going strong in Rock Hill. Their prices, brands, and use of local produce makes this store an all around great place to shop Local produce. Local support. Lidl isn't new, it's been around since 1973 - though this is the first year of operation in our country. And, even though they are a German-based company, their fresh products like fruits and vegetables are homegrown in the U.S. The company works with local and regional farms and suppliers but still offers a diverse array of international products. Limited brands make shopping eaiser. As they say on their website, Your precious time is not spent sifting through endless versions of products you don’t want. The beauty is that about 90% of their products are private label. Minimalism is in, and this extends to grocery shopping as well! They have Coupons!!! Current Aldi shoppers know the pain of not being able to save an extra 50 cents here and there. Lidle changes that with a personalized account that you can sign up for right here. Lildl has more than just groceries. Twice a week, you will notice that products other than food get added. From toys to power tools, you can get a little something extra to surprise and delight Rock Hill Lidl shoppers. Do you smell that? European bread is baked fresh throughout the day. What more can I say?