Scribble – create stop motion animations on a drawing pad | RobAid
A team of Art and Design students at the University of Michigan have created a prototype electronic doodle pad called the Scribble that animates your drawings. The Scribble animation toy grew out of a December focus group in which student designers asked third-graders what they wanted from Santa Claus. You simply hand-draw a series of successive images on it or use its built-in camera in order to create your animated masterworks. Designed by A&D Sophomore team of Alexis Stepanek, Ryan Thurmer, Chris Parker and Penn Greene, the Scribble was initially created to compete in the Michigan Toy Competition, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Giddy Up Toys. The outside casing was modeled in Rhino and rapid prototyped in ABS plastic. The electronics were ripped from an Eee PC and the touch screen was specially ordered. A plastic tip pen is used in order to draw on its touchscreen. Once you've drawn and saved your first image, the lines of that image change from black to grey.