Augmented reality closer to general public via smartphones | RobAid
We wrote about various augmented reality devices in our previous articles. Augmented reality glasses, see-through LED displays, Retinal Imaging Devices (from NEC and Brother) and SixthSence, all share the same principle and that is showing additional information about the world around us. However, most of the mentioned technologies are either too expensive or still in a phase of R&D, making them unavailable to ordinary consumers. If you want to see a glimpse of potential future you can try using your smartphone with software developed to provide the additional information about the world around you. In this article we're going to write about two companies which develop such software. The first company started their pin@clip application (available and applicable only in Shibuya area, Japan). The application is available for free and it's being developed for iPhone. The testing period lasts from December 1, 2009 to March 10, 2010. During the test period pin@clip will be able to